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Fish meal, originally an important source of animal protein, has become a popular product in the international market within the seafood industry. The fish meal processing primarily involves converting economically low-value fish into a high-protein feed through various stages, such as oil removal, drying, grinding, and other processing steps. In these stages, the use of fish meal production lines is indispensable.

Thăng Long’s fish meal production line is a top choice for the fish meal manufacturing industry, with the maximum thermal efficiency achievable being 98%. The fish meal production process commonly employs the wet processing method, which includes steps like chopping, cooking, pressing, separating, concentrating, drying, and grinding, etc. Here, the fish meal production line serves as an auxiliary equipment of this processing method. The demands for a fish meal production line in the fish meal manufacturing process are significantly high.

Selecting a high-quality fish meal production line can notably enhance the quality of the fish meal, extend the lifespan of the equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and increase profitability as well as return rates in a shorter time period. Simultaneously, with the enhanced global awareness regarding environmental protection, the demands for energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment in the fish meal industry are gradually improving. Emission of exhaust gases and wastewater treatment must meet the relevant environmental requirements of the country.

Thăng Long Boiler specializes in providing custom design and installation services for new industrial fish meal production lines with high efficiency, environmental protection, energy savings, and reduced emissions, especially for fish meal plants, equipped with effective dust filters and sulfur removal devices, reducing the amount of pollutants emitted, and thoroughly addressing environmental pollution issues.

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