What are steam and heat selling services?

Steam and Heat Sales Services mean that service providers will invest, construct, and install a complete system of steam boilers or thermal oil heaters at the customer’s factory. Subsequently, we will operate, maintain, and supply steam or heat according to customer requirements. Customers will pay us based on the previously agreed unit price, and the amount of steam or heat will be measured through steam or thermal meters.

This is similar to boiler rental services. When using this service, customers are relieved of concerns related to environmental procedures and safety during the operation, maintenance, and care of the boiler.

When should you use our steam and heat selling services?

In the current situation, outsourcing production-related services has become common. Many businesses often encounter difficulties when operating their steam boilers or thermal oil heaters themselves. The issues often arise from equipment degradation over time and pose environmental and safety challenges.

Moreover, for startups or businesses with fluctuating production needs, making a large investment in constructing and operating a boiler is a significant financial burden. This not only costs in terms of capital investment but also consumes a lot of time and manpower for management, operation, and maintenance.

With these concerns in mind, our steam and heat supply services are the optimal solution. Customers can fully focus on their core production activities without worrying about the complex issues related to boiler operation and maintenance.

Thang Long Thermal Mechanical Co., Ltd provides optimal steam and heat sales solutions for businesses

Based on real-world calculations and assessments from various manufacturers, the investment and operation of steam boilers consume a significant portion of the production chain (especially for startups). Costs include buying the boiler, manpower for operation, sourcing fuel, environmental procedures, and safety concerns when lacking experience. Meanwhile, investors have to invest a lot of time and resources focusing on other stages.

Understanding these issues, Thang Long Thermal Mechanical Co., Ltd offers full-package rental or steam and heat supply services. That means we will handle all investment, installation, and operation aspects; you only have to pay for the steam used, as measured by a meter.

Customer Benefits

  • No initial capital investment, reducing steam production costs.
  • No need to hire and pay for boiler operation staff.
  • No need to source and purchase fuel for the boiler.
  • No worries about environmental procedures and interactions with regulatory agencies.
  • No repair and maintenance costs for the boiler.
  • Only pay for the actual steam used without concerns about operational loss.
  • No equipment depreciation costs.
  • When the need for steam increases as the factory grows, just request us without additional construction costs.
  • Option to terminate the contract if there’s no need or if you decide to build your boiler.

Operational Criteria

Best products and equipment: We use only high-quality equipment that meets international standards.

Most reasonable pricing: Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective solution, helping businesses save the most.

Perfect services: From consultation, installation, to operation and maintenance, we guarantee the best service.

Our steam and heat sales services by Thang Long Thermal Mechanical Co., Ltd not only help businesses solve many issues from finance to manpower and environment but also allow them to focus more on product development and business expansion. With the mission of providing “Optimal solutions for businesses,” we are committed to serving our customers in the best possible manner.

Contact Thang Long Thermal Mechanical Co., Ltd today for more details and free consultation. We are delighted to serve you.