lò hơi trong ngành sản xuất giấy


The paper manufacturing industry is a major energy consumer, especially from fossil fuel sources such as coal and DO, FO oils. However, with rising costs and depleting supplies, seeking alternative and efficient energy solutions is crucial to protect the environment and maintain sustainable development. Thăng Long Boiler, with its advanced boiler system solutions, will help paper businesses improve their energy issues.


Choosing modern boilers not only helps optimize the fuel source used but also reduces the burden of fuel costs for businesses. Boilers can utilize a variety of fuel sources, among which, biogas is a renewable energy source, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions into the environment and is a convenient choice thanks to the vast supply network from local agricultural raw materials like cashew nut shells, sugarcane bagasse, rice husks, coconut shells, and many other sources. Flexibly exploiting these fuel sources can help reduce costs and enhance production efficiency.

lò hơi trong ngành sản xuất giấy

Modern boilers are not only capable of utilizing a variety of fuel sources but also have high combustion efficiency, ensuring stable output energy. Depending on the nature and calorific value of the fuel source, there are different types of boilers and combustion chambers, from chain grate burners with an efficiency of up to 85% for large-sized and high calorific value fuels, to fluidized bed boilers with a maximum efficiency of 87% for low calorific value fuels.

A modern boiler not only needs to be optimized in terms of fuel but also must ensure an environmentally friendly production process through the treatment of smoke and dust emissions. The multi-level Cyclone system and fabric bag filter tower are notable solutions that help eliminate up to 99% of fine dust and exhaust smoke, ensuring safety for the environment and human health.


We take pride in providing intelligent and efficient industrial boiler solutions, helping businesses in the paper industry optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and protect the environment. With Thang Long Boiler’s products, your business will not only have stable and efficient energy sources but also contribute to the sustainable and green development goals of the community and country.

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